Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Policy Directory
( Top )What is the Policy Directory

The UOW Policy Directory is an online database containing all University policy documents, listed in alphabetical order. It has a dedicated search engine allowing users to search for documents with ease.

The Policy Bulletin Board provides access to policy documents that are under review to enable readers to provide valuable feedback during the consultation stage of policy development and review. It also provides access to recently approved policy documents.

Each policy document has a navigation menu on the left hand side. The navigation menu includes information on who is responsible for the policy, links to information associated with the policy, links to historical versions and an option to print. You should always reference the online version of the document to ensure you are viewing the most up to date information.

Note, historical versions dated prior to 13th December 2023 can be obtained by contacting the Governance and Policy Division.

( Top )How do I search the Policy Directory?

The policy directory has a dedicated search engine that will only search the policy database. Use it to search for all UOW policy documents.

The search engine will allow you to search using:

  • Full Text (i.e. words within the database or in the documents themselves)
  • Keyword (i.e. words in a document's title, keywords and summary descriptions fields)
  • Management Area (lists documents by owning division, unit, and title)
  • Target Audience (lists documents based on who they apply to - i.e. students, staff or both)
  • Document Reference Number

You can access the search engine using the link at the top of this page and or from the policy homepage

( Top )Do I need a login to access the Policy Directory?

Most UOW policy documents are available publicly, so you won’t need a login. A few documents are restricted to University staff, you will require a UOW staff login and password to view these documents.

Some draft documents posted on the Bulletin Board may ask for a login in order to provide feedback.  Drafts are normally only password protected during the early stages of development when they are posted for comment by a small working group only.

If you are an author or approver of policy documents you will require an admin login. Please contact the Governance and Policy Division for more information on this.

( Top )I have a question about the Delegations of Authority Policy, who do I contact?

Please contact the Governance and Policy Division for any questions relating to the Delegations of Authority Policy.